Mission Statement

" To Unite Bearded Men of all cultures, races, creed and sexuality in a Brotherhood devoted to Loyalty, Honor and Respect toward all people, Dedicated to the betterment of mankind through fraternity Charity and Kindness "

Fredrick Von Knox, President and  Founder BEARDED VILLAINS

Our Story

Originally Established in 2014 in Los Angeles California U.S.  with the purpose of showcasing the bearded men with character from your next door neighbor to the supermodel on GQ mag. 

Our Brotherhood has grown WORLDWIDE now and organically took shape of its own. We have Chapters in Germany, Canada , Greece, Netherlands, Australia, Mexico, 25 states in the US and all over The UK to name a few. Our Chapters activities are Charity Work, Support, Respect, and Loyalty to THE BEARDED VILLAINS BROTHERHOOD.


About us

Bearded Villains Germany History

After the Brotherhood was founded in Los Angeles California US in 2014 and has spread WORLDWIDE ever since, bearded brothers also joined in Germany in 2015.

Since ideas and values such as "charity work, support, respect and loyalty to the Bearded Brotherhood" also appealed to us, the Bearded Villains Germany Chapter (BVGC) was founded on 29 March 2015 after the release of Mr von Knox. So the story began.

What began as a small group of bearded men, united in their cause to the beard, quickly developed into something beyond the beard. The common meetings, the commitment and the readiness to support charitable projects, the family community, the fun with each other as that brings together many men all over Germany today.

The German chapter also supports other BV-representations worldwide and cultivates the mutual exchange by taking part in their charity meetings or otherwise supporting them.

According to the motto:
"We are a brotherhood of elite bearded men from all over the world. Committed to: The Beard - Charity - Family - Respect - Loyalty -" (Frederik von Knox, President Bearded Villains)

Dirk Gottschalk (Captain)
Christian Meyers (Co-Captain)

  We are a brotherhood of elite bearded men from all over the world • 

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